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*puts finishing touches on the table*

*checks on food*

*goes into parlor to await guests, smoothing down her very best dress and making certain her hair is in place*

*closes eyes briefly*

You can do this. It will be the best dinner ever. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

*takes a deep breath and looks at the clock*

Oh yes. Everything will be fine.


Oct. 8th, 2006 12:37 am
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Arthur and Lynda Gate request your company at a family gathering for Sunday roast, at their home in Sydney. The favor of a reply is requested.
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*sits in the kitchen, head in hands, untouched cup of tea in front of her*

*tries to clear image of [ profile] lonely_ood from her mind*
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*dreams she is back in the Big Brother house*
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I'm terrified Arthur's going to leave me.

The death of Fred has hit him very hard, and he goes from telling me he wants to have children with me to saying he's afraid that with all the upheaval and danger from my world, it won't ever be safe to raise any children, and that he's afraid he won't have the courage to be my husband anymore if he has to live in that world.

And really, what right have I got to demand that he does stay, after I've betrayed his trust in me? He knows so little about me anyway. I'm terrified that if he knew everything about who I am, the kind of life I used to lead, he would hate me, or worse, be afraid of me, even setting aside what I've done with Ood.

Oh, and Ood! I thought that what we did would clear away all the tension between us for good and allow us to coexist without needing each other. But he still needs me, he still wants me, and god help me, I feel so terrible that I can't give him what he wants. I still care so deeply for him. I can see it hurts him every time I reject him, and it breaks my heart to do it, but it would also break Arthur's heart if he knew. It's getting so I can't bear to see Ood, it hurts too much.

If only the people in this time didn't cling so tightly to these old-fashioned notions of fidelity! It's so much harder than I thought it would be. Why does it have to be this way?

I don't know what to do. As things stand, I'm afraid that Arthur will leave me whether he finds out or not.

I can't breathe. I feel like I'm dying.
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*runs into room, slams door*

*leans against door and sobs her heart out*
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Let's put him down in here, shall we?

*with the help of [ profile] lonely_ood, maneuvers the sleepy and stoned Arthur into bed*
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*mixes ingredients for cake*

*tries very, very hard not to think improper thoughts about [ profile] lonely_ood and what happened*



*mixes furiously*
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Arthur? I'm sorry, sweetheart; I lost your needle gun.
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Pfred is missing. She went out for a ride with Daedalus and he came back alone, with a creepy-looking circus flyer impaled on his horn.

When I went looking for her at Miss Gate's I found Penny unconscious, hooked up to medical equipment, and a man who claimed he was her grandfather and said he was trying to save her from something worse than death.

Reinette and Fred are nowhere to be found.

What the hell is going on?
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Arthur, dearest?

...I have something I need to tell you.

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A few days ago I eloped with Arthur in a balloon and we got married somewhere in France, with just enough time to ourselves for a supper and a bit of a honeymoon in Calais before we came back to see [ profile] lonely_god and [ profile] mme_depompadour get married.

At our wedding, poor Arthur was even more nervous than I was! And France was so beautiful. I've never seen country as pretty as that. And to be up in a balloon, in air so clear it felt healthy just to breathe it, and to see the lovely landcapes below, and an impossibly unpolluted ocean! It was about the most wonderful day of my life.

But ever since then, things have gotten worse and worse.

I made a huge mistake. I misinterpreted [ profile] miss_gate's relationship with [ profile] agent_harkness completely, and I forgot that women having unmarried sex in this time is an unforgivable taboo. And I said something to the Doctor that offended my new sister-in-law so much that she expelled me from her house and refuses to speak to me or hear my apologies, much as I try to assure her that it was a big, stupid mistake.

So she hates me now, and [ profile] sarah_gate and Rose already hated me. What a wonderful start I've made in this family.

In the absence of anything else to do, I've been trying to apply what Miss Gate had been teaching me about running a household, but it hasn't gone very well. Mary has pretty much been running Arthur's house till now, and I have a feeling I try her patience with all the mistakes I keep making and that she'd rather I just kept out of the way. I feel completely useless.

I have no idea how much things are supposed to cost and my budgets keep falling to pieces, and my needlework is awful and poor Arthur has practically no socks left and I don't know how to cook any of the things they eat here and it's all so HARD to do everything. But I have to try be a good wife, and figure out how my house runs. This is the life I've chosen, after all.

And I want to try and make a nice home for Pfred in case she still wanted to live with us, even if it's only when and if she feels like having a place to come home to.

I just wish I hadn't alienated half of my brand-new family when I haven't even been related to them a week yet.

I wish Miss Gate would speak to me.

*wipes eyes and determinedly resumes work on sock half-ruined by inept darning*
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[ profile] miss_gate, oh, please say that you forgive me!
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Haven't seen Arthur in days, ever since [ profile] lonely_god and [ profile] mme_depompadour announced their upcoming wedding.

Wondering if all this marital talk has scared him off. or if I did.

In the meantime, I've been following [ profile] miss_gate around to get an idea of what sorts of things you have to do to manage a Victorian household.

And, blimey.

It's a lot of hard work.

I'm a bit worried I might not be up to doing all of that on my own, even with servants. If I were ever called upon to manage a Victorian household, that is.

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Our raid on the Dream Police was a success!

Before leaving for the big battle, I went to settle a score with Jack that had been bothering me since he hit me and dumped me in Australia, and finally achieved some closure there.

Also, Arthur and I had a talk about the concept of marriage and what it entails. Apparently it involves keeping sheep out of the asparagus, charity work, and shagging like rabbits possibly the odd adventure to break up the monotony. If that's all there is to it, I think I should be able to handle it just fine.

When he proposes, that is.

Well, actually, he sort of did, but it didn't really count because it was just because he was nervous about going into battle and our possible imminent deaths, and after all, look how well that worked out for Xander and Anya and so he said he'd do it properly later. It's just as well; what with Reinette and the Doctor announcing their big fancy wedding I'd just as soon not steal their thunder. Perhaps we could elope quietly later on and just get the whole thing over with.

After he proposes. If he still wanted to. Now that we're not about to die anymore and everything, I guess we have more time to get to know each other and make sure he doesn't hate something about me it's still a good idea.

Anyway. The Dream Police! With the help of Ace's wonderful explosives, we destroyed their plan and rescued [ profile] de_seingalt.

Unfortunately, the bastards had punished him.

By burning his book. THE FUCKING BASTARDS.

And he is no longer able to speak.

I need to fix this somehow. It was all my fault he went back there to begin with. I'm the one who traded him for Jack, and his suffering is my responsibility. I wish I had gone there; I don't have a book to be burnt. He'd been through too much at their hands as it was.
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I have just had a brilliant idea.

When Arthur was describing his capture by the Dream Police to me, he said that at first it was as if he was having a nightmare.

That may be a way in.

Maybe, if I do a little bit of directed lucid dreaming, I can somehow get through to There and speak with Jack without them detecting me. Then perhaps I can discover from Jack what's going on and how to get him out of there.

It's worth a shot, at any rate.

*hangs "Do Not Disturb" sign*
*arranges bed*
*climbs in*

*falls asleep*


*wakes up in tears*

Oh Chevalier. We'll get you back.
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I am in love.

With Arthur.

I have never known a sweeter, dearer, more devoted man who goes all night, good LORD the boy's an animal.

Am going to have a go at this "fidelity" thing, for his sake.

Still not sure how I feel about Jack. Still worried. Still hate him. Still lust for him, omg care about him.

...It's unbearable not knowing what's happening to him.

So confused.
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We managed to rescue everyone from Them.

Except for Jack.

He reappeared just for a second to tell me to give up trying to save him, to leave him before I got dragged in too, and then he kissed me goodbye. He promised he'd find a way out, and said he'd made a deal with them, but something in the way he looked at me said otherwise.

I would have done anything to get him out. Yes, even after he knocked me out. But instead I just shoved whatever explosives I had on me into his hands and ran away. What else could I do? I feel like I should have tried harder somehow. Maybe I should have let myself be dragged in there with him.

I am just going to sit here and listen to Enya for a while. I'm sure the Tardis will make sure no one disturbs me.

I feel empty.
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I am going There to rescue Jack and Penelope from Them (hey, I didn't name them. Or there) with Rose and the Doctor.

And then to hit Jack. Hard.

And I am definitely not going to die.

But if I were going to die, I would die secure in the knowledge that I've kissed one of the sweetest men ever to walk the earth, [ profile] arthur_gate. Thank you, Arthur. I'll remember that moment until I die. Which will be a very long time from now, and won't in any way be imminent at all.

So, off I go. We who are about to die go There salute you!
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